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Decay (Jan 31, 2024)  

A Novel 

When Sam Williams wakes up to find himself locked in a room, he realizes the experiment he signed up for is far more horrifying than he could have imagined. With something hungry and less than human after them, Sam and the other participants must work together to pass a series of deadly trials if they hope to survive.

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FIVE (2021)

Short Story Collection

A dorm party descends into a rock and roll cult ritual…
A group of thieves search for the traitor in their midst before their time runs out…
A detective is trapped in the madhouse of a killer who believes he’s the son of God…

In his debut short story collection, author Andrew Kibe presents a heart pounding collection of five dark thrillers. Monsters lurk inside all of us. Can we say no to them? Step into the twisted labyrinth of his imagination, and prepare to find out.


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