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Andrew Kibe

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When Sam Williams wakes up to find himself locked in a room, he realizes the experiment he signed up for is far more horrifying than he could have imagined. With something hungry and less than human after them, Sam and the other participants must work together to pass a series of deadly trials if they hope to survive.

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I loved this collection of short stories, each one wanted me to know more of their back stories. I felt each story could have been turned into a full length book. My favorite of the stories was “Go.” I am looking forward to reading Andrew Kibe’s next book!

Anthony -

Verified Amazon Purchaser of FIVE

Praise & Reviews

It is very rare for me to read an entire book from start to finish in one sitting. In fact, I cannot remember ever having done so for a full length novel before. However, that is what I did with Decay. This speaks volumes about the book’s moreish quality, its swift pace, and the compelling nature of its story. 

Ethan -

Advanced Reader of Decay

Each scene is set so you can picture it playing out in your head, but the imagery is balanced with the actual events so that nothing feels belabored. And the descriptors themselves are creative- painting a picture, sometimes with a touch of humor as well. 

Anonymous -

Verified Amazon Purchaser of FIVE

andrew kibe author photo 1.jpg

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